Why Me?

I am an accomplished public speaker with over a decade of experience speaking to both adults and kids in a classroom and conference settings. I have worked as a university instructor and technical trainer, and taught children's Sunday School classes and camps for fifteen years.

I bring a lot of energy to my presentations and your students will find me very engaging and inspirational.


The Magic of Books

In this presentation, I talk about the power of books to capture our imaginations and even change lives. I also share about my journey into writing and the books that have made an impact in my own life.

From Idea to Print

In this presentation, I talk about how a book goes from an idea to a physical book in the hands of readers. Kids also come away with an appreciation for the variety of career options in the publishing industry.

Make your Own Picture Book Workshop

In this workshop, I break down the process of story writing into three easy steps that young kids can understand and follow. They then get a chance to create their own picture books. Ideal for a class-sized group. 

Note: There is an extra charge of $5/child to cover the cost of blank books and writing materials if this option is selected.


$500 for half-day presentations (Calgary and area only)

$900 for full-day presentations

If a school is willing to offer a pre-sale guarantee, I will waive a portion of my fees as follows:

25% off is 50 books are ordered

50% off if 100 books are ordered

100% off if 200 books are ordered


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