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Yewande (Yay-wan-day) is a Nigerian-Canadian children's author. She is both trade and independently published.

Through her company, Jewels & Pearls Publishing Ltd., she aims to increase representation of African characters in North American children's books.

She lives with her husband and five kids in Calgary, Alberta.

Fun Facts

Favorite author growing up:

Enid Blyton

Favorite author as an adult:

Lawana Blackwell

Book that made me cry:

Fish in a Tree by Linda Mullaly Hunt

Book that made me laugh out loud:

It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on it by Robert Fulghum

Book I recommend to everybody:

Influencer; The New Science of Leading Change by Joseph Grenny et al

Favorite food:

Jollof Rice

Favorite vacation spot:

Anywhere with a beach

​Weird things about me:

I frequently experience deja vu (I think it's a gift but i'll let you draw your own conclusions)

I talk to myself all. the. time (I've been told it's a sign of intelligence - that's my story and I'm sticking with it)

I have mirror-touch synesthesia (it means basically if you touch your nose, I'll feel it too. If you talk about touching your nose, I'll feel it too. If I even think about my nose being touched, i'll feel it. It's weird, I know)

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