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The Little Regent

Spring 2024

When a Nigerian village king dies, his daughter Abioye becomes regent. At first she is afraid, and the chiefs are doubtful. But as Abioye comes to know and help her people, they realize that good leaders do not have to fit a predefined mold. This empowering story explores themes of service in leadership, gaining respect rather than demanding it, and gender equality.

Written by: Yewande Daniel-Ayoade

Illustrated by: Ken Dayley

Publisher: OwlKids Books 

Books by Yewande

I describe my books as "big ideas for little minds" because I write about serious topics in fun and engaging ways that kids find relatable. Available through my site or on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters, and other online retailers.

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What's the Worst That Could Happen?

What's the Worst that Could Happen? Easy for grandma to say. But all Kayla could imagine were worst case scenarios as she tried to settle in her new school. Will Kayla overcome her fear? Or will an overactive imagination get in the way?

Now with over 100 5-star ratings on both and

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SADE: We're Moving to Canada

Sade's family is moving to Canada. Everyone is excited-except Sade. What about her best friend, her pet chickens, and her favorite TV show? Sade must find a way to stop the move. Will she succeed? Or will she learn to embrace the change?

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